Project Noah at the Rocky Mountain Park BioBlitz

David Munson, Director of Education, Project Noah, is back at the BioBlitz. A lot has happened with Project Noah since the Saguaro National Park BioBlitz, he tells us in this video report. “We’ve got almost 150,000 users around the world … updating awesome wildlife photos … making huge strides in citizen science, connecting a lot of nature-lovers and what we like to call Project Noah nation nerds together so they can share their enthusiasm for wildlife.”

Backed by National Geographic, Project Noah is a software platform that enables people to use digital phones and cameras to document and share their encounters with wildlife. “Our ultimate goal is to build the go-to platform for documenting all the world’s organisms, and through doing this we hope to develop an effective way to measure Mother Nature’s pulse,” Project Noah says on its website.

Project Noah’s Rocky Mountain National Park BioBlitz mission page features photos of species shared by participants in the Rocky Mountain BioBlitz.