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Team DreamQii Announced Today their PlexiDrone

This post is the latest in the Drones and Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Special Series which profiles interesting information, thoughts and research into using  drones, UAVs or remotely piloted vehicles for journalism and photography, that Kike learns about during his travels. 

Plexi-Drone by DreamQii
Team DreamQii announced today the IndieGoGo launch of their PlexiDrone. Pictured: Klever Freire holding the new sUAV in New York. © KIKE CALVO

Team DreamQii  announced today the IndieGoGo launch of their PlexiDrone, an ultra-portable, and intelligent, flying camera robot.


Here are a few of PlexiDrone’s features:
  • ultrasonic sensors for obstacle avoidance and safety
  • snap together assembly, with no tools, in less than 45seconds
  • retractable landing gear, so you will never see them in the corners of your shots
  • swarming technology, to control multiple drones simultaneously by smartphone/tablet
  • an aerodynamic backpack to carry aerial all your gear


You  could make a pledge directly through their website. There are only a limited number of PlexiDrone packages selling for the low early-bird price.


Plexi-Drone by DreamQii
An aerodynamic backpack to carry your PlexiDrone. Photo © KIKE CALVO


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