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The Secret History of the Unconquered Maya

Limestone cliff and newly exposed carved rock art What if the Spanish had never conquered the Maya? In one corner of southern Mexico, an alternate historical trajectory has been followed by Maya who managed to dodge the bullet of Spanish subjugation. Since 1990, National Geographic Committee for Research and Exploration grantee Joel Palka has been…

Cloudy With a Chance of Monkeys

Panoramic view of Goldsmith working in the cloud forest canopy From afar, the primeval mountainsides of the Monteverde Cloud Forest of Costa Rica appear both majestic and mysterious. Venture within and you will discover that this mist-enshrouded tropical evergreen forest is teeming with life. This astounding biodiversity owes much of its existence to the extra…

Pronghorn Obstacle Course

Photograph by Joe Riis – See More Pronghorn Migration Photos It’s almost autumn, and if you’re a pronghorn snacking on the grasslands of Grand Teton National Park, you’re probably starting to think about heading south for the winter. Soon, you and thousands of your closest brethren will begin the third longest overland mammal migration in…