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Emelyn Rude

Emelyn Rude is a recent graduate of Harvard University, where she brought the social back to the sciences as a Social Studies concentrator. Although currently residing in New York City, a National Geographic Young Explorers Grant is helping her to return to the archipelago of her childhood to study the balance between environmental conservation and economic development in Timor-Leste.

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Exploring Some of the Earliest Evidence of Human Occupation in Island Southeast Asia

First explored by western archaeologists in the 1960s, two Young Explorers tour Timor-Leste’s Lene Hara cave.

10 Steps to Finding Paradise

How to get to paradise like we did in just ten simple steps.

Climate Change’s Impact on Timor’s Coral Reefs

An interview with an NOAA Division Chief on efforts to track climate change’s impact on Timor-Leste’s coral reefs.

Revolutionary Sex-Appeal & Reminders From Decades of War

Who was Nino Konis Santana?

How Do You Define a National Park?

As the group arrives in Nino Konis with little fanfare, questions over defining and understanding National Parks and conservation arise.

On the Eve of Political Upheaval, A National Park is Born

A young explorer travels through Timor-Leste investigating how this new nation is addressing the joint issues of conservation and development. There will be a lot of terrible public transportation.