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Maggie Hines

Maggie Hines is the Ocean Initiative Coordinator in National Geographic’s Explorer Programs group. She supports oceans projects at NGS and has managed several workshops, assisted with various partnerships and projects. She works with Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala on the Pristine Seas project, including planning and executing Pristine Seas expeditions to the most remote places on the planet. A Virginia native, her summers were spent on the Chesapeake Bay at her grandmother’s house and on the shores of North Carolina. Maggie received a B.A. in Studio Art with a concentration in photography, and a B.B.A. in Management with a concentration in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship from James Madison University.

Bull Shark Catch in Maryland Highlights Nearness of Species to Shore

They’re baaaaack! Not that they were ever gone; they’ve just kept a low profile. Two eight-foot, 220-pound bull sharks were caught in Maryland near Point Lookout, where the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River meet. And, very close to where I’ve spent my summers growing up, sandy-footed and slightly sunburned, thinking that jellyfish were my biggest…

Can Your Smartphone Combat Seafood Fraud?

Let’s say it’s Saturday night and you’re out to dinner with your family, a friend, or even better – on a date. You check out the menu and a seafood dish featuring “wild rockfish” really wows you. Just as you’re about to order you begin to rethink your decision. Questions such as: “How fresh is…