Coral Reef Restoration in Malaysian Borneo

Restoring coral reefs and documenting saharks and rays in Malaysian Borneo.

Saudi Investors and ‘Sex and the City’ Combine in Sarajevo

Carrie Bradshaw quotes may seem strange in a mall funded by a conservative Saudi group, but ideologies and infrastructure combine in many interesting ways in the rebuilding of Sarajevo.

Fleece to Food: Explorer Gregg Treinish on Microplastics

National Geographic explorer and grantee Gregg Treinish wants everyone to know about the hidden toxic cost of synthetic fabrics.

What a Group of 2,000 Biologists Talks About May Surprise You

“We’re not [just] talking about ‘how to save a rhino,’” says Dr. James Watson, President of the Society of Conservation Biology at the biannual gathering in France.

Cave Art May Show What Happened to Giant Lemurs

Ghostly figures in charcoal appear to show a now extinct primate from Madagascar succumbing to a human hunter.

Photographer Steve Winter’s 5 Wildest Big Cat Encounters

Even in a life filled with amazing moments, there’s always a few that stand out.

Robot Hands Could Revolutionize Deep Diving

Humans have been diving in pressurized suits for centuries, but have been forced to interact with the underwater world only through crablike claws. Now that’s about to change.

Brave Duo to Dive Unexplored Waters

Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation has amassed an incredible and diverse group of adventurers for our Microplastics project. Below, ASC’s own Emily Stifler Wolfe tells the story of two daring women who are headed to Kamchatka to dive—and collect samples—where no two have gone before. Grimaldi and Vagaska sent in these videos and photos from their training…

Dust and Dancing to Celebrate Indigenous Australia

Every two years, the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival in Australia brings together people for a spectacle of sights, sounds, and dust.

High Five! Give $5. Save Big Cats.

Don’t leave him hangin’. Share your own high five photo, donate $5, and tag five friends to spread the word that we can help save big cats in the wild!

Landmarks Crumbling, Skyscrapers Climbing in Sarajevo

Damage and neglect are breaking down reminders of a tragic era, while dazzling new construction forges one path forward, and the people of Sarajevo live balanced between them.

Math and Biology Took a Road Trip. Here’s What They Learned.

At a workshop in South Africa, experts in two different fields open each other’s eyes to new ways of seeing data and the world it comes from.

Exploring Giant Cypress Trees From Top to Bottom

Harnessing local villagers’ skills at tree climbing, and modern science to analyze the soil, this team is getting to know the giant Chinese swamp cypress like never before.

Protecting the Sea, Strengthening People, and Nursing Sea Turtles Back to Health

“It’s not just about protecting our land and sea. What we do also strengthens our people to stand up and stand together. That’s the biggest thing for us.”

Join a LIVE Twitter Chat With @PaulSalopek, Walking Across the Planet

What do you learn, walking 4,000 miles from Ethiopia to the Republic of Georgia? Ask @PaulSalopek yourself, in a LIVE Twitter chat, July 22 at 11:00 am ET using #NatGeoLive.