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Project Baseline: Conserving the Underwater World through Citizen Science and Reporting

By Vanessa Belz Almost every day, at just about any given moment, scuba divers and water enthusiasts in 28 countries spanning multiple time zones are volunteering their time on and underwater, working in their local communities towards a unified, singular goal: to create a lasting visual legacy of underwater conditions in oceans, lakes, rivers, springs,…

The Arctic Is Changing … Or Is It?

While the world is captivated by the environmental changes in the far north, the people who live there are eager for changes of another kind.

5 Videos: Wildlife Caught on Utah Camera Traps

Watch amazing footage of bears, moose, elks and others living in the beautiful High Uintas Wilderness.

Plastics in seabirds: A pervasive and growing problem that requires global action

You have likely seen the pictures of albatross chicks choking on plastics. These images are tough to look at and the death these birds suffer from ingesting plastics is gruesome and painful. Albatross consume a whole range of plastics that float in the ocean, from cigarette lighters, to toothbrushes to shards of plastics from a…

Hope for New England’s Offshore Treasures

Preserving our natural treasures on land took foresight and leadership one hundred years ago. Preserving our ocean treasures will take no less, but it’s an idea whose time has come.

How Paper Cranes Became a Symbol of Healing in Japan

Every day school children visit the monument for the child victims of Hiroshima adorned with a statue of Sadako Sasaki holding up an origami crane. The museum receives millions of paper cranes from around the world. Photograph By Ari Beser.    Hiroshima, JAPAN—Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, often conjures images of paper cranes, or…

Images From North America’s Highest Peak

A team of alpinists captured beautiful imagery while climbing, skiing—and helping conserve—Alaska’s Mount Denali.

Stormy Summer of 2005 Prompted Hurricane Forecast Improvements

Powerful Hurricane Wilma’s storm surge inundated the lower Florida Keys in October 2005. (Photo by Jeff Pinkus) The powerful hurricanes that prowled the Gulf of Mexico during the summer of 2005 prompted evacuation orders that sent millions of people from Houston to Key West scrambling for safety. The evacuations saved lives, but for people who…

Minerals are Essential to address Climate Change and meet Sustainable Development Goals

In 2013, the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) launched the Resourcing Future Generations (RFG) initiative to bring world attention to the challenges of sustaining resource supplies. The RFG initiative includes a diverse group of geoscientists, environmental and social scientists and economists, drawn from a range of institutions with diverse private and public experience in…

Rio de Janeiro just became world’s first Compact of Mayors compliant city

  Today, C40 Chair and Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes announced his city’s full compliance with the Compact of Mayors, making it the first city in the world to reach the Compact compliance milestone. The announcement comes at an exciting time in this global effort: earlier this week, US President Barack Obama announced that 15 new…

The Stunning Ways Driftwood Builds Landscapes

Rivers and lakes were constructing with lumber long, long before people (or beavers) ever had the idea.

Sydney Lord Mayor on preparing for the challenge of a changing climate

By Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore The City of Sydney has been carbon neutral since 2008. Amidst strong economic growth, emissions across our Local Government Area have fallen 12 per cent since 2006 and we have reduced emissions in our own buildings and operations by over 23 per cent. In continuing our work to create…

Fuzzy Nautilus Rediscovered and Filmed After 30 Years

Thirty years after their discovery, these unusual living fossils return to the spotlight to be tracked and filmed and reveal the secrets of the deep.

President Obama just challenged all cities to step up their climate game before COP21

The White House released a fact sheet today announcing a number of initiatives to increase energy efficiency measures in cities across the United States, and specifically called out the Compact of Mayors as a key effort to achieve President Obama’s goals.   Specifically, President Obama issued a challenge to all U.S. mayors to publicly commit to…

Pristine Seas Mission to the Seychelles with National Geographic & Proud Supporter, Davidoff Cool Water

This is Sponsor Content.  “The oldest islands in the world, remote atolls untouched by humans, buried treasure, luxury destination, a wild place, and even golf balls made from fish food! Welcome to the Seychelles!”, that’s how Paul Rose, Pristine Seas expedition leader, introduces his 2015 mission to the Seychelles. Situated just north of Madagascar in…