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Dam Ideology

When it comes to water, concrete trumps common sense. That was the take-home message Wednesday evening from Daniel P. Beard, former commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, who spoke at Old Town Farm in Albuquerque on his swing through New Mexico to promote his book, Deadbeat Dams. Our political leaders “appear to be ostriches…

Human Land Cover Affects Dispersing Wild Dogs

Post submitted by Andrew Jacobson.

100 Reasons Cities are Winning the Climate Fight 

C40 Cities launch Cities100 publication in partnership with Sustainia and Realdania. As we approach the UN climate Change Conference, COP21, in Paris this December, the focus will be on national governments to reach a binding global climate deal. But Cities100 is here to remind us that city leaders are not waiting for national level changes.…

Polisdigitocracy: Digital Technology, Citizen Engagement and Climate Action – A New C40-Arup Report

An op-ed by Eduardo Paes, C40 Chair and Mayor of Rio de Janeiro In 2013, widespread protests brought Rio de Janeiro to a halt. People took the streets calling for better health and education, for an end to corruption and for their voices to be heard and to matter. Rather than trying to arrest or quiet…

Plastic by the Numbers in the Atlantic Ocean

When 93 boats crossing the Atlantic take water samples all along the way, a clearer picture of the ocean emerges.

A coffin for cod? The downward spiral of the fish that built New England

When Mike Anderson arrived in Cape Cod in the 1960s as a young man with dreams of adventures at sea, many people shared the same warning: “You won’t get rich in the fishing business; it’s just a way of life.” But Anderson, undeterred, embraced that lifestyle, fishing his way through decades of long, sometimes treacherous…

Sailing Halfway Around the World to Find Our Oldest Ancestors

The crew of the voyaging canoe, Hōkūle’a, arrive in Mossel Bay, South Africa, and reflect on the immense significance of this location, as a halfway point of the Worldwide Voyage and as a bridge that connects the genealogy of all people on Earth.

6 Lessons for Effective Science-based Ocean Conservation

Ocean conservation is hard. You fight the challenges of “out of sight, out of mind,” of largely unregulated high seas, and of waters so vast people find it hard to believe humans could actually overfish it (or as the saying goes in Jamaica, “fish can’t done”). The ocean is indeed in deep deep trouble due…

Invasive Mouse Attacks Increasing on Southern Ocean Islands

I have just returned from the second World Seabird Conference #WSC2 held in Cape Town, South Africa at the end of October. The conference held by the World Seabird Union was a great opportunity to learn all about the recent research and conservation being undertaken on these incredible animals.

It Takes Time.

I slip off my shoes at the door and take a seat on the floor of her living room. It is maybe 10 degrees cooler inside than the 90+ degree (F) heat outside. She offers water and a welcoming smile. I ask how long she has lived in her current home; where she lived before;…

Seal Pups: Ferociously Cute and Worth Protecting

Fur seal pups may be the cutest creatures in Antarctica—but they can give some serious attitude, as National Geographic grantee and wildlife biologist Douglas Krause finds out when he tries to make sure these animals are as healthy as they are adorable.

Photos From Nepal: Drones and Image-Mapping for Next-Generation Disaster Response

The latest in the Drones and Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Special Series, in which Kike profiles interesting information, research and thoughts on using drones, UAVs and remotely piloted vehicles for journalism and photography. Arriving in Nepal for the third time makes me think about how unpredictable life can be. During my last expedition, I was documenting the…

In Defense of Greenspace

Tuesday, November 17, is the deadline for proposals to knock down hundreds of trees and pave over a stretch of the popular Capital Crescent Trail in Montgomery County, Maryland. If that sounds kind of backwards, well, it is. The planned conversion of a greenspace corridor into a transportation corridor—for the commuter train system called the…

Experience the Sights and Sounds of the Himalaya

Not only has ASC alpinist Graham Zimmerman established first ascents in the Himalaya this year, he’s also committed his time and energy to conservation.

What Do Voyagers Do While Waiting for Good Weather?

To minimize the likelihood of trouble at sea, our voyaging leaders pay extra close attention to the weather, ensuring that we only sail when the wind is favorable. As a result, there are often long stretches of time where we must wait patiently in port for the weather to shift. This, however, does not mean that we wait idly.