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The Fellowship of the Dig: Life as an Archaeologist in the Field

Crawling in holes, finding old jewelry, eating second breakfast … the similarities are truly fantastic.

Shipwreck Hunter Unearths Lost History and Treasures: #bestjobever

It’s not often you see “shipwreck hunter” listed on someone’s business card or résumé, but that is indeed National Geographic grantee David Mearns’s career choice. For him, unearthing lost history and recovering centuries-old treasures is just another day at the office—or ocean, rather.

An Archaeology Summer Reading List

It’s summertime, which means: summer reading. Specifically, summer reading that sends me to far off places, and lets me daydream of being out on a dig.

What Went Through My Head When I Found Out I Won the 2016 TED Prize

People in some of the most dangerous areas on Earth are risking their lives to protect ancient sites. What if we all could lend a hand?

Why I Love Freediving

Humanity was born from the ocean, we survived by the ocean, and we followed the shore to the furthest corners of the planet. A story about freediving and our ancient connection to the sea.

Surprisingly Healthy Teeth Write a New Chapter in Ancient History

How did these ancient Peruvian commoners stay just as healthy as the ruling class? And what can we learn from them?

The Skeletons of Olmos, Part IV: Soccer Club—1, Archaeologists—0

When you’re in Peru, you’re out of luck … if a soccer team shows up with reservations for your hotel room.