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How to Catch a Bat

By Becky Beamer Kasanka National Park, Zambia From late October through mid December, the largest migration of mammals on the planet, Straw-colored Fruit Bats (Eidolon helvum), join the already diverse cross section of bats in Kasanka National Park. This bat hot spot attracts attention from bat researchers around the world including Helen Taylor-Boyd, Rob Mies,…

Understanding the Mystery of the World’s Largest Mammal Migration

What does it feel like to be surrounded by 8-10 million bats? There is only one spot on earth where you can have this experience and explore the mystery surrounding this congregation.

Environmental Forensics: Drones and Advanced Technologies to Track Eco-criminals

Professor Massimiliano Lega has a Master’s Degree and a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, and is currently a professor on the Environmental Engineering themes and director of the Environmental Engineering Forensic Lab at the University of Naples Parthenope – Italy. He is also an Associate Researcher on the Italian National Research Council (CNR), President of Technical/Scientific Advisory Committee of Campania Sea/Coasts Observatory and Technical Consultant for several Italian Government Bodies/Agencies. In this introductory post for Voices he talks about his work and his recent meetings and discussions with research collaborators at U.S. institutions.

Tips for Fellowship Applicants (Paying It Forward)

This time last September, I sat in my home office back in Missoula, Montana, having a tiny panic attack. The deadline for the Fulbright National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship was three weeks away. My cluttered desk summed up the state of my application: teetering stacks of books, a fringe of Post-it Notes around my computer screen, and the trash can filled…