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A Man Among Wolves: Photographing Yellowstone’s Iconic Predators

What would you do to be a National Geographic photographer? Would you trudge across a snowy volcano with a hundred pounds of gear thrown over your shoulder? Would you trek by yourself across a giant river oft visited by grizzly bears? Would you stake out in the dark wilderness with the howls of wolves getting closer and closer? Conservation photographer Ronan Donovan did all that and more for a year and a half to photograph Yellowstone National Park and the wolves that call it home.

National Parks Are Economic Engines Across America: Graphic Shows How

By Matt Zajechowski

I wanted to create a visual resource that showcased the true economic value of the U.S. National Parks system, looking beyond just the value of the land itself. My graphic, which coincides with the NPS celebrating its centennial in August, is a fascinating way to explore just how much of a treasure the parks are for America in terms of asset value, jobs supported and visitor spending. And it’s fun to make comparisons from state to state.