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Future-Proofing our Ocean Treasures: Climate Action at Marine World Heritage Sites

On Board the National Geographic Endeavour — Climate change is a global problem, but it wears many faces, causing flooding in some areas and drought in others, record high temperatures one year, and cold the next. In the ocean, we are already seeing coral bleaching, increased acidity, rising seas, and changes to the food web.…

Cause for Hope: Ocean Inspiration from the World Heritage community

On board the National Geographic Endeavour — As I reported Saturday, the managers of the world’s most beloved ocean places are meeting in the Galapagos this week to chart a path forward for Marine World Heritage. Each time we bring this global network together, I am filled with hope. National Geographic readers are well aware…

Experts Convene in Galápagos to Brainstorm Protection of Earth’s Marine Heritage

Today in the Galápagos, UNESCO is bringing together the guardians of our planet’s most unique and beloved ocean places. Our goal: to chart a sustainable future for the 49 marine World Heritage sites that the global community has deemed of irreplaceable value. World Heritage is more than just a list of special places.