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Refocusing on the Facts for World Lion Day #worldlionday

The focus on trophy hunting overshadows the actual causes of lion population declines. I advocate for this World Lion Day to refocus on the real threats facing these iconic big cats today. There are solutions.

Celebrating India’s Asiatic Lions on World Lion Day #worldlionday

World Lion Day celebrates all sub-species of lion, raises worldwide awareness of conservation programs, and brings attention to the threats they face everywhere. Much of the attention is on the African lion, but today we also want to celebrate and appreciate India’s Asiatic lions, and those working to protect them and their habitat.

No Silver Bullet Will Save the African Lion #worldlionday

On this World Lion Day, it is time for us to raise the flag for all of the threats facing lions today. By doing so, we can take the next essential steps toward saving this vital species—without which the wilds of Africa will be forever altered.

World Lion Day: What Would You Do to Protect Lions?

After cordially being invited to “pen a post” for National Geographic’s Cat Watch in honor of World Lion Day #worldlionday, I was elated; not only because I was asked, but, and in spite of this being quite the cliché, I absolutely, unequivocally love lions! Given the number of conservation issues surrounding the animal kingdom’s noblest of big cats, the…