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Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan on his climate change priorities

Climate change is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, risk to London.  I want to put our city at the leading edge of the fight against this risk. But London can’t take on this challenge alone. That’s why I have joined forces with leaders of world cities to find ways that we can…

Brains and Beakers: Gamifying Air Pollution

By Kayla Garrett Could video games save the environment? Maybe with the kind Greg Niemeyer is trying to build. Niemeyer specializes in digital art, and his most recent work focuses on games that seek and support cultural change. He’s an assistant professor for new media at UC Berkeley, and presented at the last Brains and…

Surgical Masks–Not Just for the E.R.

Particulate levels in Beijing broke records last weekend, when the Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center recorded levels of PM2.5 that Reuters said may have reached 900 micrograms per square meter–more than 30 times what the World Health Organisation considers a safe daily level.

What the Smoggiest Cities in the U.S. Can Do To Improve Air Quality

By Jihan Lee Los Angeles is notorious not only for its glitz, glam, and movie stars, but also for the hazy smog that even the best dressed must tolerate. When you look out at the skyline during sunset from a high vantage point in the Hollywood Hills, what becomes strikingly clear is that the blurry…