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Plastic: The big breakup

Co-authored by Erica Cirino My dog Foosa and I step onto the beach, and in the first few steps I find—as usual—something made of plastic. This beach is strewn with everything from fiberglass buoys to crumbling Styrofoam cups to poorly disposed “disposable” lighters to plastic bags (use once, throw away, except that “away” is here).…

Streamers: A Win-Win for Seabirds and Fishermen

By Nicole Perman Until recently, it seemed as though the short-tailed albatross would not be able to escape extinction.  These endangered seabirds have been threatened first by hunting, and more recently by overfishing in the North Pacific and Bering Seas, and by their less-than-ideal primary breeding ground – a small volcanically active island called Tori-shima,…

Fishermen Work to Reduce Albatross Deaths

By Susan Jackson The albatross and life at sea have been linked for centuries. But the death of an albatross means far more than bad luck for sailors.  It signifies a serious threat to the ecosystem of the world’s oceans – so much so that the organizations that manage fisheries across the globe have established…

How Giant Birds Can Fly Nearly 10,000 Miles in One Go

Wandering albatross can stay aloft for hours without flapping their wings thanks to their yo-yo like flight pattern.

Expedition to Tierra Del Fuego’s Admiralty Sound

Wildlife Conservation Society conservationists recently returned from an expedition to Admiralty Sound in Tierra del Fuego, where they are working to establish a network of protected areas to protect wildlife in and around the Patagonian Sea.