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Debunking Captivity: 3 Reasons Not to Keep Dolphins in a Tank

I have spent much time in the company of wild dolphins over the last twenty-something years. I’ve built a career following their everyday movements and observing their behavior both from shore and from research boats. When I began my studies, I knew these creatures primarily as the objects of my research but, as the years…

Kumbh Mela 2013: Where Have All The Cobras Gone?

There are elephants at the Kumbh Mela, but no snake charmers, and yet both used to be staples of festivals and fairs in India. So where are the snake charmers? Sulking in Kapari and Lohagra, two villages about an hour’s drive from Allahabad, is the answer. If they try to come close to the Kumbh…

Cry of the Innocent

“Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives.” —Albert Schweitzer
 (1875-1965)   What effects does the international fur trade have on the consciousness of society? How does it affect what it means to be human?…