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Albino Kingsnake and 6 Other Invaders Wreaking Havoc

The albino kingsnake invading the Canary Islands is among many foreign species that have wreaked havoc on their new environments.

Geography in the News: Asian Carp

By Neal Lineback and Mandy Lineback Gritzner, Geography in the NewsTM Invasive Asian Carp An aggressive invasive species—the Asian carp—is threatening the Great Lakes. Able to consume one-third of its body weight in a day, the carp can grow up to five feet (152 cm) long. It also reproduces very quickly. Its presence may spell…

Asian Carp Reproducing Naturally in Great Lakes Tributary

Scientists have confirmed for the first time that a species of the dreaded Asian carp has reproduced naturally in a Great Lakes tributary. While not the variety of Asian carp experts fear will do the most harm in the Great Lakes region, the results have important implications for those concerned about the spread of this…

The Thames: One of the World’s Most Invaded Rivers

You might call us invasive reporters in England, transplants from America looking for a few good stories in the UK. While we’re minding our p’s and q’s, London is dealing with an entirely different breed of North American invaders, and they’re quickly filling up the city’s largest river. We’re talking invasive planets, fish, insects, birds,…

Asian Carp: Freshwater Species of the Week

Few fish can inspire as much horror as the Asian carp (well, except perhaps the dreaded candiru). But except for a few well publicized collisions with leaping fish, the Asian carp is rarely dangerous to human beings. Instead, ecologists warn that the Asian carp can wreak havoc on aquatic food chains by vacuuming up plankton…