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5 Animals That Are Awesome Architects

From dams to nests to body armor, these feats of animal ingenuity will blow your mind—and perhaps inspire you to get up off that couch.

Beaver Butts Emit Goo Used for Vanilla Flavoring

Just in time for holiday cookie season, we’ve discovered that the vanilla flavoring in your baked goods and candy could come from the anal excretions of beavers.

“Animals in Action”— Orange County Zoo’s Beavers (Betty & Buckley)

Contributing Editor Dr. Jordan Schaul introduces a new series of articles showcasing Orange County Zoo’s (OC Zoo’s) native wildlife ambassadors, which represent indigenous species of the Southwest. When a colleague of mine—another Zoo Curator at the Oklahoma City Zoo learned of my new post as the Curator of Zoo Operations for the Orange County Zoo via Facebook, he…

Beavers Return to Scotland After 400 years

Photo courtesy Scottish Wildlife Trust Beavers are a familiar sight to millions of people across North America. The tree-felling rodent is a common resident (some would say nuisance) in wetlands, ponds, and waterways. But in the UK, beavers have not been seen in the wild since they were extirpated four centuries ago, about the time…