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Ask Your Weird Animal Questions: Animal Nests Explained

What do spiders have to do with hummingbird nests? Why don’t we ever see crows’ nests? Learn more in this week’s Ask Your Weird Animal Questions.

Conservation Success for Threatened Species

With all the news of threats to biodiversity and species out there, sometimes it’s tough to remember that conservation succeeds. In 2013, fifteen species had their conservation status genuinely downgraded to lower threat categories on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. This means that there was sufficient evidence that their populations were increasing and…

Saving a Darwin’s Finch from Extinction

By Dr. Sarah Knutie The fate of many bird species is uncertain. Those the authorities classify as “critically endangered” especially so. Only exceptional conservation measures can save them. While habitat destruction is a major cause of extinction, introduced species are a most serious threat—and one that we are usually completely helpless to control. One of…

Why Do Barn Owls Divorce?

These normally monogamous birds sometimes call it quits and move on to new partners—nearly a quarter of the time, a new study says.

World Penguin Day: From Cute to “Intense Predators”

Today is World Penguin Day, and The Pew Charitable Trusts have released some videos to mark the occasion (top and below). They’ve also produced a quiz that asks users to find out their “penguin style.” What’s your penguin style? Also check out last year’s festivities and view penguin photos and photos of emperor penguins.

How an Injured Snowy Owl Got New Feathers

A snowy owl hit by a bus in D.C. has had a rough few months, but the bird is getting a makeover—including some shiny new feathers.

Teaching Moments at the BioBlitz

Students taking part in the Golden Gate Parks BioBlitz at Lands End, the rugged northwest corner of San Francisco overlooking the ocean, learned the tricks to being expert birders.

“Reptile-Like” Bird and Sea Turtles Released on Indonesian Beach

A remote, protected beach on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi is a critical nesting area for “strange” birds called maleos and olive ridley sea turtles, reports the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in New York. On February 23 on Sulawesi’s Binerean Cape, conservationists with WCS and local partner PALS (Pelestari Alam Liar dan Satwa, or Wildlife and…

St. Patrick’s Day: “Green” Animals That Recycle

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, a holiday famous for parades, parties, and everything turning so green that it’s like looking at the world through night-vision goggles. But when we think “green” we sometimes think “eco,” so in honor of Green Day here are five of nature’s “greenest” animals, not in color but in habit.…

Why Do Flamingos Eat Upside Down? Your Weird Animal Questions Answered

Do birds eat other birds? Why do flamingoes eat upside down? This week we answer your most unusual bird questions.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Birds

When volunteers head out to the Marin Headlands, part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area for our annual BioBlitz, they are likely to spot many species of birds. What better way to learn their names than with a song?

Hummingbirds May Change Their Tunes to Seduce Mates

Male hummingbirds in Costa Rice can change their tunes to attract mates, new research shows.

Bird’s “Evil Eye” Scares Off Competitors

A look from a Eurasian bird called the jackdaw can keep competitors away, a new study says.

PHOTOS: 5 Animals That Outsmart Winter on the Northern Plains

While parts of the U.S. bundle up for extreme winter weather, the animals on American Prairie Reserve (APR) have enjoyed several warm weeks in January. Since my last trip to the Reserve earlier this month, our staff and volunteer adventure scientists have spotted bison, mule deer, and large groups of pronghorn moving with ease across the…

2013 Okavango Expedition: Amazing Video Footage From Paradise (Part 1)

We have now crossed the Okavango Delta on dug-out canoes or “mokoros” four times as part of the most in-depth study of the Okavango Delta’s abundant birdlife ever undertaken. This ground-breaking study by the Percy FitzPatrick Institute is establishing the data necessary to use 71 wetland bird species as indicators of significant change in the hydrology,…