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Mountain Lions Versus Black Bears

F96, nicknamed Frostbite because of the loss of parts of her ears and the tip of her tail during the winter of 2012-13, is a young female mountain lion followed as part of Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project. She dispersed from her mother’s home range in May of this year, when she was 20 months old.…

Synthetic Chemical From Bears Could Stall Onset of Diabetes

A synthetic chemical similar to bear bile—the bitter, yellow-green liquid drained from bear gallbladders and certain livestock—may one day help treat diabetes in people.

Biologist Shares Experience of Tracking a Black Bear

By Joe Guthrie, Bear Biologist and Expedition Team Member On an overcast December afternoon, I drove a creaking swamp buggy into an oak hammock in southern Highlands County, Florida and stopped. The team of four of us disembarked, sorted and distributed gear among the group, and began walking in single file towards the edge of…

Video: Florida Black Bear Cub

The Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition team and I recently hosted Casey Anderson and a National Geographic TV crew to film content for an upcoming episode of America the Wild: Gator Country. While working on a cattle ranch in the Everglades Headwaters region of Central Florida, I set up a remote camera on a clearing of…

September 1, 2013: Speed Hiking From Mexico to Canada, Coming Face to Face With a Grizzly and More

This week, we set a speed record walking from Mexico to Canada, pack bear spray in the event that we encounter a bear, dog or family member who gets out of line, and cycle across the United States in just 42 days.

“Black Bear”—the New Exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo for a Triplet of Orphans

Contributing Editor Jordan Schaul interviews Tom Ness of the Minnesota Zoo about the new bear exhibit in Apple Valley. The Medtronic Minnesota trail at the Minnesota Zoo in Minneapolis is home to one of the most complete living collections of Nearctic carnivorans in the world, if not the most complete. The exhibit features coyote, grey…