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Frank Ocean, Miley Cyrus, and Sex in the Sea

I was shocked to read that soulful gay hip hop artist Frank Ocean who got into that parking lot altercation with rapper Chris Brown just admitted to Oyster magazine he once sold cocaine and…Say what? OK, I confess I know more about this than I should and by the way, Oyster magazine is all about…

Blue Groups Refuse Oil Money

Across the nation thousands of college students have joined a campaign, inspired by author and climate activist Bill McKibben, to get their universities to divest from fossil fuel companies just as they once got them to purge their portfolios of companies doing business with apartheid-era South Africa. Yet even many of today’s climate activists are…

A Blue Vision and the Politics of the Ocean

“Our oceans face an unprecedented set of challenges from climate change, pollution, energy extraction, and more,” warned Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, the opening speaker at the 4th Blue Vision Summit in Washington D.C. held earlier this month. He went on to suggest we have the power to move from, “takers to caretakers of…