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Saving Lions by Reducing Conflicts With Villagers

Text and photos by Kate and Marcus Westberg The killing and mutilation of a lioness by a group of morani, or Maasai warriors, as part of their initiation into manhood made conservationist Anne Kent Taylor more determined than ever to protect Kenya’s big cats. With a passion for animal welfare, Anne has dedicated a large…

Maasai Women Speak Out for Living Walls

The Big Cats Initiative Grants Program seeks to identify and support projects that engage in immediate actions leading to reductions in big cat mortality. Dr. Laly Lichtenfeld, Executive Director of the African People and Wildlife Fund, has been the recipient of multiple BCI grants and provides a prime example of how the BCI and its…

Kenyan Chainsaw Gang Thwarted

National Geographic Big Cats Initiative grantee Anne Kent Taylor continues her updates from the field in Kenya this weekend. Her adventures this week include a giraffe rescue and an encounter with a chainsaw gang. Taylor has been using funding from the Big Cats Initiative to provide wire fencing to Kenya’s Maasai herders, on the basis…