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Behind the Photo: An Underwater Close Encounter of the Third Kind

For the right whale in this shot by National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry, humans are indeed an alien species.

Photographing Dolphin Intelligence

This August I had the chance to join National Geographic Photographer Brian Skerry on a 10-day expedition to the Bahamas to photograph wild atlantic spotted dolphins with researcher Denise Herzing. Together, we traveled on a 60-foot catamaran between the island of Bimini and the White Sand Ridge area south of Freeport in search of a…

Vote for the Ocean Photo You Want to See at the Smithsonian

  Photographer Brian Skerry has long dazzled and inspired the public with his spectacular images of life beneath the waves. Skerry was recently recognized for his contributions to ocean conservation by Australia’s Emerald Award. Now, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. is planning an exhibit of Skerry’s work. That exhibit, “Portraits…

Photographer Brian Skerry Earns Emerald Award in Australia

  Over a 30-year career, photographer Brian Skerry has produced mesmerizing images of the ocean that have inspired millions. Now, Skerry is being awarded the second annual Emerald Award by Australia’s SIMS Foundation, which supports the Sydney Institute of Marine Science. Skerry has shot for National Geographic magazine since 1989, and he has logged more…