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Can Spider Venom Save the Honeybee?

A new pesticide based on the venom of a particular spider kills common agricultural pests but leaves honeybees unharmed, a new study says.

Over 4,000 Reasons to Love (and Protect) North America’s Native Bees

By Clay Bolt, Associate Fellow at the International League of Conservation Photographers It has been famously said that it is impossible to avoid thinking of a pink elephant once you’ve been told, “Don’t think of a pink elephant!”  Naturally, I’m thinking of one right now; a large, cotton candy colored pachyderm with robust thighs and…

The Sweet and Sticky Business of a Global Honey Industry

Honey is honey, right? Not so, according to Grace Pundyk, author of The Honey Trail: In Pursuit of Liquid Gold and Vanishing Bees (St. Martin’s Press; August 2010). Honey can mean different things to different cultures–and it is not always what you think you’re buying. Pundyk’s book is about her journey around the world in search…