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Is Genetic Genealogy the Next Facebook of Science?

While millions of people spent last weekend dumping buckets of ice water on their heads and documenting it on Facebook to raise money and awareness for ALS, a few us genetics geeks gathered and talked about haplogroups*  A, L and S, among others. *Never heard of a haplogroup? Don’t worry, it’s not because you have…

Learn How to “Live in the New Normal” at This Month’s Aspen Forum

  The 2012 Aspen Environment Forum is around the corner (June 22-25), just after the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio, and I’m looking forward to the few days in picturesque Aspen, Colorado. It will be my first time seeing my hero Edward O. Wilson, whose elegant prose inspired me to try to write…

Indigenous People Sound the Alarm on Climate Change

The air in the auditorium smelled faintly of burnt herbs. Josefina Lema Aguilar, a Kichwa elder from the mountains of Ecuador, lit a tiny sacred fire to bless last week’s conference on “Seeking Balance: Indigenous Knowledge, Western Science and Climate Change.” Dressed in traditional garb from the Andes, Aguilar gave the event’s opening prayer at…