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Indigenous People Sound the Alarm on Climate Change

The air in the auditorium smelled faintly of burnt herbs. Josefina Lema Aguilar, a Kichwa elder from the mountains of Ecuador, lit a tiny sacred fire to bless last week’s conference on “Seeking Balance: Indigenous Knowledge, Western Science and Climate Change.” Dressed in traditional garb from the Andes, Aguilar gave the event’s opening prayer at…

The Missing Delegate at Cancún: Indigenous Peoples

Forest set-asides are at the heart of the United Nations’ climate negotiations, but a Native American restoration specialist says it will get the wrong people out of the woods. As nearly 200 delegates gather at the Conference of the Parties in Cancun, Mexico, writer Dennis Martinez points out that Indigenous peoples and their advocates have no official…

The Rights of Mother Earth

As delegates from 192 governments gather at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP16) in Cancun, Mexico, over the next ten days, expectations are low to zero that the deliberations will yield any meaningful progress to a substantive international agreement to slow and prepare the world for warmer global temperatures. In April this year a…