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Hurricane vs. House

During Hurricane Ike in 2008, the eye of the storm passed over my grandma’s and aunt and uncle’s houses, according to data from my uncle’s home weather station. My family’s homes sit just 16 feet above sea level, steps away from an alligator-filled bayou in southern Houston. Storm surge estimates had predicted that the bayou…

Fishermen Look to Recovery After Hurricane Sandy

Over the past few days, Hurricane Sandy barreled through the Mid-Atlantic Ocean, making landfall late Monday night in New Jersey.  Thoughts and well-wishes have been flowing in from all over the world – with millions in the dark and no way to travel, the NY-NJ region (the most densely populated stretch of U.S. coastline) is…

Disaster Risk Reduction and Rio+20

  By Antony Spalton and Lisa Guppy Over the last twenty years, disasters have affected up to 4.4 billion people and have cost around $US 2 trillion. Women and children are 14 times more likely to die than men during a disaster, and typically the poorest and most vulnerable children suffer the highest disaster risk and…