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Award-Winning Animal Activist—Actress Charlotte Ross—Campaigns for Great Apes

Twice Emmy-nominated actress, singer and fitness guru Charlotte Ross has starred in over 12 Prime Time television series. She is most known for her regular starring roles on Daytime and Prime Time shows like Days of Our Lives and NYPD Blue and Glee. On the Big Screen, Charlotte has starred along side Nicholas Cage and…

Katie Cleary & Peace 4 Animals Present “Give Me Shelter”

Dr. Jordan Schaul reviews the ground-breaking, award-winning documentary Give Me Shelter produced by model/actress Katie Cleary of Peace 4 Animals and Director Kristin Rizzo. The film explores the lives of animals in a society that continues, despite progress, to abuse and neglect them. I admit that I’ve worked in pet stores, zoos and sanctuaries, in…

Katie Cleary’s Film “Give Me Shelter” Wins for Best Short Film

Last week, I met my friend—model/actress, and animal welfarist—Katie Cleary. We caught up on business at a posh Beverly Hill’s eatery, when she casually alerted me to a young lady wearing a fur coat at a table behind us.  Although, I think it is most distasteful and an overt display of disrespect to the animal…