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Is the Clock Ticking Towards U.S. Clean Tech Crash?

  The U.S. renewable energy industry may be heading towards a “clean tech cliff.” Three-quarters of the government incentive funds that have helped drive tremendous growth in industries like solar and wind are set to expire between now and 2014. For good or ill, the political decisions made between now and then will define a…

6 Simple Ways to Green a Small Business

By Nadine Long Not all small businesses can get LEED certification or install alternative energy sources — which still cost a pretty penny — like solar panels. Luckily, there are still plenty of ways small business owners can lessen their environmental impact without breaking the bank. In fact, a number of these changes will help…

Financial Tools Help Startups Go Greener

  By Allen Broseph Startup companies the world over have been coping with the tough economy by becoming more environmentally friendly. One financial tool that can help startups and their employees save money — and possibly go greener — is the novated lease or deal, in which a company agrees to pay the payments on an…