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Patagonia’s Local Llamas: The Guanaco

Have you ever met a guanaco? Learn about these large, charismatic mammals that roam the Patagonia National Park Project in Aysén, Chile.

Gigapanning Patagonia

To track long-term environmental changes we need to see both the wood and the trees. “click… whirrrrrrrrr….click ….. whirrrrrr ” — accompanied by an incessant wind that beats you on all sides on bad days.  These sounds begin to fill my dreams at night. Most days are bad. Sonny Bass and I stand on the…

“Pleistocene Park” emerges from Patagonia’s rescued grasslands

Conservation biologist Stuart Pimm reports from Patagonia near the tip of South America on how dedicated colleagues are re-wilding former sheep ranches. Their vision is to create a Yosemite-size national park that protects temperate grasslands for indigenous animals and plants. Culpeo fox photograph by Stuart L. Pimm By Stuart L. Pimm Special contributor to NatGeo News Watch Patagonia,…

Photos Document Fox in Unexpected Hunting Role

Photos by Cristobal Briceño of WCS Chile Guanacos, wild relatives of llamas, have only one natural predator, the puma — or so scientists believed. But now researchers have documented a second predator of the South American ungulate: the culpeo, a fox that coexists with the puma and the guanaco throughout most of the guanaco’s range.…