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6 of Nature’s Loneliest Animals Looking for Love

The London Zoo recently put out a call to collectors that doubled as the animal version of a personals ad. The zoo was looking for females of the Mangarahara cichlid, a species of fish so rare that none are thought to exist in the wild, and one that is in critical danger of going extinct…

Geography in the News: Demise of the Maya

By Neal Lineback and Mandy Lineback Gritzner, Appalachian State University  DID CLIMATE CHANGE DESTROY THE MAYA? A recent article in the journal Science sheds new light on the collapse of the ancient Maya civilization. Scientists have argued for decades over what caused the Maya culture to disappear. The new study points to large-scale climate change…

Turkey’s Conservation Crisis: Global Biodiversity Hotspots Under Threat

Dr. Çağan Şekercioğlu is a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. A professor of conservation biology, ecology and ornithology at the University of Utah Department of Biology, he also directs the Turkish environmental organization KuzeyDoğa.   For me, 2011 started with a great post by David Braun, so I will thank him by ending the year with my…

Australia Losing its Iconic Koala, Government Inquiry Finds

The koala is under serious threat, according to a new report by an Australian Parliamentary inquiry into the status of the iconic animal’s population.