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Photo: Hubble Snaps Stunning View of Iconic Nebula

In honor of its launch 23 years ago the Hubble Space Telescope snapped a breathtaking, never-before-seen view of one of the most photogenic cosmic vistas in the night sky. Dubbed the Horsehead nebula because of its obvious resemblance to a steed or chess piece in profile,  this dark cloud of gas and dust sits 1,500…

A Brief History of the Astronomical Telescope III: Newton and his Reflecting Telescope

  “Nature and Nature’s Laws lay hid in night. God said, ‘Let Newton Be!’ And all was light.” .                                                   — Alexander Pope.   Galileo died in 1642 after a turbulent…

Hubble Telescope Celebrates Twenty Years in Orbit

To mark the Hubble Telescope’s 20th anniversary in orbit, today, April 24, NASA released a stunning new picture made by the iconic eye on the universe. The newest Hubble photograoh is of a tiny bit of one of the largest star-birth regions in the galaxy, the Carina Nebula.   This Hubble Telescope picture shows towers of cool…