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Stormy Summer of 2005 Prompted Hurricane Forecast Improvements

Powerful Hurricane Wilma’s storm surge inundated the lower Florida Keys in October 2005. (Photo by Jeff Pinkus) The powerful hurricanes that prowled the Gulf of Mexico during the summer of 2005 prompted evacuation orders that sent millions of people from Houston to Key West scrambling for safety. The evacuations saved lives, but for people who…

NOAA Reaffirms Forecast For Active Hurricane Season

With the peak of the 2013 hurricane season approaching in the Atlantic Basin, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has reaffirmed its June forecast for a stormy summer. Four named tropical storms have formed in the Atlantic Basin — which includes the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea — since the 2013 hurricane…

Top 10 Headlines Today: Ocean “Breathes,” Colonial Murder Mystery…

The top stories on National Geographic’s radar today: Migrating animals change the ocean’s oxygen levels, scientists may have solved Colonial America’s oldest murdery mystery, and …

Hurricane vs. House

During Hurricane Ike in 2008, the eye of the storm passed over my grandma’s and aunt and uncle’s houses, according to data from my uncle’s home weather station. My family’s homes sit just 16 feet above sea level, steps away from an alligator-filled bayou in southern Houston. Storm surge estimates had predicted that the bayou…

Geography in the News: Storm Surge Threats

Storm surges are the most damaging of all tropical storm dynamics. What causes them and why they are such threats are explained in this article, particularly with the examples of Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Katrina.

Powerful Hurricanes Such As Sandy and ‘Black Swan’ Storms Could Alter U.S. Coastline

Scientists and meteorologists examining data from Hurricane Sandy think the massive super-storm that caused widespread devastation from North Carolina to New York City in October could be a harbinger of changes for the U.S. coastline. Exactly how those changes might unfold isn’t clear. But some scientists who study hurricanes and coastal environments outlined some possibilities at…

After Sandy: Unusual Bird Sightings

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, East Coast residents have been seeing a number of unusual guests at their bird feeders during the last two weeks. The hurricane disrupted migration routes for some birds, and others simply got blown off course by the violent winds. Factor in the winter storm, the two weather events have brought together a very peculiar group of birds.

Hurricane Leaves Thousands of Dead Rats on Mississippi Beaches

Houses and buildings weren’t the only things damaged by last month’s hurricane. One of the Gulf Coast’s most notorious invasive species got slammed by Isaac. Almost 20,000 nutria, or copyu, were drowned and washed up on the Mississippi coast following the storm.

Flying Into A Hurricane — A Bird’s Perspective

Why would a bird fly into a hurricane? It seems that some migratory birds fly in so they can be slingshot out the other side.

13 Named Storms, 2 Major Hurricanes Predicted for Summer of 2012

Despite two unusual tropical storms forming in May, forecasters at Colorado State University think only two major hurricanes could form in the Atlantic Basin during a tropical storm season that isn’t expected to be as active as recent summers. In their forecast released earlier today, CSU forecasters Phil Klotzbach and William Gray predicted that 13 named…

Hurricane Video for National Geographic Television

The National Geographic Channel is looking for footage documenting your Hurricane Irene survival stories. Our television team is working diligently over the next several days to create a documentary covering this historic storm, and we want your experience to be a part of it.

To Keep an Eye on the Weather, NOAA GOES P

—Image courtesy NOAA Next week NASA will launch the latest in a series of satellites run by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration designed to track extreme weather events from space. Known as the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites, or GOES, each craft carries a letter designation until it arrives in orbit, when it is renamed…