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Will 2014 Be the Year of the Ocean?

The United Nations says 1998 was the Year of the Ocean, but I beg to differ. I’m fairly convinced that next year will be the year we see world leaders begin to take responsibility for the future of our ocean, and start to turn words into action. We’re also going to see an innovation explosion…

December 1, 2013: Running the Amazon from New Source to Sea, Fact Checking Thanksgiving and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend radio show, join host Boyd Matson, as he and his guests paddle the length of the Amazon River, see Jerusalem through the eyes of its citizens, debunk Thanksgiving’s creation myths, and taking selfies with tigers.

Is Innovation Over?

A prominent social scientist says our best innovating days are behind us. Not a chance.

The Change Reaction Manifesto

We’re trying something new. For decades, you’ve told us, your grandparents have sent you our paper edition. You’ve seen the photos, read the stories. But one thing your grandparents probably didn’t teach you was that geography can be social, too. You can follow your favorite photographers on Instagram, and interact with some explorers on Twitter and Facebook as they cross the planet and find amazing new things. Later this month, I’ll be starting an epic trip–and tweeting it, too.

#JoinOurCore: Talking social innovation in the Dragons Den

Earlier this week I was invited to London to spend an hour talking to the twenty-five “Join Our Core” semi-finalists, a social entrepreneurship competition set up through a collaboration between Ben & Jerry’s, Ashoka UK and VSO. It’s vital that we not only continue to encourage and inspire young people into the field, but that…

The Congressman, IBM’s Watson, and a Big-Dream Future

Watson, the IBM machine that proved its “Jeopardy!” dominance on national TV one year ago, remains a bright example of the way that research can make our future better, writes U.S. Congressman Rush Holt in this guest post. But it is up to us to make that future real by making the necessary investments in R&D, he adds.

Technology, Anthropology, Conservation and Development: A Personal Journey

In Digital Diversity, a new series of blog posts for Nat Geo News Watch starting today, innovator, anthropologist and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Ken Banks shares exciting stories about how innovative technologies and mobile phones are being used throughout the world to improve, enrich, and empower billions of lives. This first post sets the stage.…

Prelude to PopTech 2010: ‘Brilliant Accidents, Necessary Failures, Improbable Breakthroughs’

The PopTech 2010 conference–an annual gathering of “visionary thinkers, leaders and doers in science, technology, design, the corporate and social sectors, entrepreneurship, education and the arts”–kicks off this Wednesday in Camden, Maine. By Ford Cochran Curated by futurist and National Geographic Fellow Andrew Zolli, the event (much of which will be webcast live Thursday through…

Bioneers Seek, Share Solutions Inspired by Nature

Over the next three days, catch 2010 Bioneers Conference highlights streamed live here on Nat Geo News Watch. By Ford Cochran Kenny Ausubel coined the term “Bioneers” two decades ago to describe social and scientific innovators whose solutions to human problems derive from nature and natural systems. Ausubel’s vision became the nonprofit Bioneers, which promotes…

Solving eco challenges with grassroots messaging

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Ken Banks is an anthropologist, conservationist, and mobile technology innovator who built a communications platform to empower grassroots organizations throughout the developing world. Frontline SMS solves critical communication problems by enabling cell phone users to exchange mass message information without access to the internet–or even constant electricity. His organization strives…

How the network of human minds can save Earth

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Albert Yu-Min Lin uses a suite of non-invasive technologies, like satellite imagery, remote sensors, and ground-penetrating radar, to explore the world’s wild places without disturbing them and set the stage for their future conservation. Nat Geo News Watch contributor Brian Handwerk interviewed Lin about the opportunities presented by innovation and technology to help…

Meat Farms, Solar Shingles, Tank-Farmed TunaAmong Some of the Year’s Best Inventions

Along with teleporting technology, electronic eyes, and HIV immunization, a handful of green innovations that could change the way we eat, heat, and drive made Time magazine’s 2009 list of best inventions, released today. Coming in at number two: Tank-bred southern bluefin tuna that successfully spawned in Port Lincoln, Australia. Southern bluefin, sought after for…