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Ken Wahl Moved by Guardians of Rescue—Helping Veterans & Animals Alike

It may just be coincidental that the wisdom imparted by actor Ken Wahl, who once played the Wise Guy on the hit TV show by the same name is always direct, profound and timely, but for veterans of war and animal lovers alike, his precious wisdom and endorsement is much appreciated. Ken supports Guardians of…

Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary’s Innovative Plan to Create a Sustainable Future for Elephants

My friend Ken Wahl is an award-winning actor having won a Golden Globe and been nominated for an Emmy. The passionate animal advocate and voice for veterans of war is best known for his starring role in the prime time television series Wiseguy. Ken is anything, but a traditional actor. In fact, he was on…

Barbi Twins: Famous for… Equine Advocacy

Shane and Sia Barbi–the bodacious and perhaps outrageous, world famous pin-up girls from the 90’s–have pretty much given up show business. They never did take themselves seriously nor were they seeking a life of fame and wealth. They are, however, well aware of the power of celebrity. To know them they are quite shy, humble,…