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Can’t Top This

President Obama made history today in a BIG way. By expanding the Pacific Remote Islands Marine Monument to six times its original size, he created the largest area protected in the name of conservation ever.

September 21, 2014: Living At Sea for 3 Years, Uncovering The Largest Ever Carnivore and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend radio, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they live on the world’s oceans for three years, create the largest marine protected area, road trip down a historical highway, protect power grids from hackers, eat our way through Rome, find the world’s meanest dinosaur ever, tear down dams, spy on cats, and teach our kids to be wild again.

The MPA Wave

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In 2004, Australia created the first large-scale marine protected area (MPA) in the world. Its Great Barrier Reef Marine Park had been a world heritage site since 1981, but ten years ago the government of Australia did the unthinkable – they banned all fishing, both recreational and commercial, from 33% of the park. In one…

Tourism, Not Tuna

There is a new wave of conservation in the Pacific. Fed up with overfishing and other non-sustainable practices like shark finning, small island nations are returning to more traditional ways. They are beginning to scale back industrial fishing in their waters, to protect their fish stocks from illegal fishing, and to create sustainable tourism destinations…

A “Monumental” Boost for Endangered Species in the Pacific

President Obama recently pledged to expand the current boundaries of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, already one of the largest nature preserves on the planet. Here are just a few of the amazing creatures that would find refuge there.

For Marine Reserves, Size Matters

President Obama recently pledged to expand the current boundaries of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, already one of the largest nature preserves on the planet. So what’s the value in making it bigger?

What’s a Danajon Bank?

by Michael Ready, Associate Fellow at the International League of Conservation Photographers In April 2013, after four planes, a ferry, and two outriggers, I arrived at Handumon, a remote village and field station on Jandayan Island in the Philippines. As I lay down the first night under a mosquito net, wiped out and bit disoriented,…

Out of the Blue, Big Ideas for the Ocean

What is the most serious issue facing the oceans today, and how can you, your company, or your industry help address it? Learn more how you can do your bit to help bring our seas back to health.

Salas y Gómez Expedition: Departing Rapa Nui

As the Salas y Gómez team concludes its work near Easter Island, Chile, and disperses to points around the globe, marine scientist and expedition co-leader Enric Sala looks back on several weeks in one of the most isolated, intriguing, and ecologically unique corners of the vast Pacific. Petroglyphs depicting a tangata manu, or birdman, near…

Costa Rica Expands Marine Protected Area Around Cocos Island

Costa Rica has created a huge new marine park that increases five-fold the area of protected waters surrounding Cocos Island–home to some of the highest abundances of sharks and other large ocean predators recorded anywhere. A loophole that permits long-line fishing in some of the newly protected waters, however, may threaten the park’s sharks, tuna,…

Sala y Gómez clears protection hurdle

A Chilean Senate committee unanimously recommends making waters surrounding the remote Sala y Gómez island a marine protected area. By Ford Cochran The waters off Sala y Gómez–a tiny Pacific island about 250 miles east of Easter Island–have come one step closer to becoming a marine protected area with the unanimous endorsement of Chile’s Senate…