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March 8, 2015: Bee Stings, Tiger Farms, Deadly Sugarcane and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they survive moose and cold temperatures to win the Yukon Quest, live in the wilderness for 8 months with moth-eating bears, photograph bees, learn about Mayan achievements, investigate China’s tiger farms, understand Nicaragua’s sugarcane worker health crisis, study the sunset’s colors, myth-bust “clean coal”.

A Portrait of the Lacandon People

A young Mexican photographer, Gema Ramon, captures the last of the Lacandon society as they are threatened by modern culture and their inevitable transformation.

La Florida: Treasures of the Ancients Under Our Feet

Under the town of La Florida in Guatemala, an ancient Mayan city sleeps—explored but never before excavated. Untold historical treasures could still lurk under the feet of modern-day inhabitants.

International Relations in the Ancient and Modern Worlds

After a week of archaeological site visits and presentations, lessons arise from stories of the past to help shape the world of the future.

Animal Burials, Early Ruler, and Ivory Statue Unearthed in Egyptian Tomb Complex

Learn more about beautiful artifacts from a newly discovered very early Egyptian tomb.

Faces of the Past, Reflections of the Present at Archaeology Conference

We can find reflections of ourselves in ancient cultures if we know how to look. Explore top archaeologists’ latest ideas from the 2014 Dialogue of Civilizations, and share your thoughts as well.

2014 Dialogue of Civilizations Opens in Istanbul

What can the ancient world teach us about today’s world? Join the conversation with archaeologists and other experts gathered in Turkey this week.

Video: Praying to the Maya Gods for Safe Passage Through an Underwater Cave

Before exploring the sacred, water-filled cenote, Sac Uayum, it was necessary to ask permission of not just local residents but the Maya gods and the cenote itself. The ceremony known as a Jeets’ Lu’um (calming of the earth) involved a series of prayers accompanied by offerings of candles and various ritual foods. Now video of the ritual is available.

Video: Cenote Sac Uayum’s Inner Sanctum

In the summer of 2013, The Mayapán Taboo Cenote Project, with support from The Waitt Foundation for Exploration and The National Geographic Society began an exploration of the still sacred cenote (sinkhole) Sac Uayum at the ancient Maya city of Mayapán. The work documented more than a dozen burials submerged below its water. Now for the first time, you can swim along with research diver Rait Kütt as he examines remains found in the 2nd chamber of what turned out to be an unexpected submerged cave system.

An Explosion of Color in Yucatan, Mexico

One of my favorite shots from this season’s fieldwork: a Yucatec Maya woman sells flowers in the local market in Tekax, Yucatan, Mexico.

Returning Maya Ancestors to Their Place of Origin

The team has located 15 human crania and a large number of other bones, attesting to the use of the site as a burial location.

7 Demonic Creatures: Thorny Devil, Satanic Gecko, More

From “demon” ants to satanic geckos—see some of nature’s most devilish-looking creatures.

August 11, 2013: Holding our Breath in Underwater Caves, Biking Across Kyrgyzstan Mountains, and More

Join us this week, as we explore the labyrinth of underwater caves deep under Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula for clues of its Mayan past, cycle solo through Central Asian mountain passes to climb remote peaks, and debunk American historical myths from the Wild West to the Surfin’ Safari.

New “Demon” Ants Named for Maya Underlords

The devil’s in the details when it comes to fearsome new ant species described recently in Central America.

In the Jaws of the Earth: Getting to the Bottom of Ancient Mayapán, Mexico

Experience what its like to descend into an ancient and lightless cenote, home to undocumented burials sites and artifacts.