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Photographer Steve Winter’s 5 Wildest Big Cat Encounters

Even in a life filled with amazing moments, there’s always a few that stand out.

Explore Mars with JPL engineer Kobie Boykins

From imagining going boldly where no one has gone before, to sending rovers there in real life, Kobie Boykins turned a childhood dream into a prolific career “Exploring Mars.” A dynamic young engineer at NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Boykins is on the front line of Mars exploration. He designed the solar arrays that power the Mars exploration…

Close Out Women’s History Month With Photographer Jodi Cobb

A legendary pioneer in photography answers questions about her career, inspirations, world travel, and her new tour.

Behind the Photo: Inside the World’s Largest Caves

Looking at Carsten Peter’s photo of a Vietnamese cave blanketed in a mystical mist, you could be excused for thinking it was the product of Hollywood magic.

Q&A With the World’s “Coolest” Wildlife Photographer

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen has spent his life capturing images of wild creatures in the world’s coldest places. From northern icons like polar bears, walruses, and British Columbia’s spirit bear, to Antarctic stars like penguins and leopard seals, Nicklen has photographed it all. He has a commitment to seeking out the wilderness spirit and…

Behind the Photo: Paul Nicklen’s Leaping Penguins

Come up with any caption you want, only the man behind the camera knows what was really going on. Happily, he’s eager to share the story.

Steve Winter on the Trail of Big Cats for Big Cat Week

From trekking India’s Himalayas in search of rare snow leopards, to stalking the elusive jaguar through Latin American jungles, to chronicling the nocturnal activities of the cougar, there is nowhere Steve Winter won’t go to come face-to-face with his subjects.

Getting the Story: 125 Years of National Geographic Writing

For more than a century, National Geographic has brought stories from around the globe into your home. But, what have writers and explorers faced to tell these groundbreaking, stunning and sometimes dangerous tales?

Step Right Up, for Emily Ainsworth’s “Worlds Apart”

From running away with the Mexican circus to sambaing through Carnival in Rio de Janeiro to exploring an Indian magician’s village, Emily Ainsworth will share her adventures in worlds vastly different from our own.

Africa’s “Great Work”: The Wild Heart of Africa

The “Great Work” of Africa, the greatest achievements of the peoples of Africa, are the intact wilderness areas that still remain on this wild, primordial continent. Just 200 years ago most of this vast landmass was a never-ending wilderness protected by teeth, claws, tusks, horns and fangs. A patchwork mosaic of forests, lakes, deserts, mountains, deltas, grasslands, rivers,…

Second President of National Geographic, Husband and Innovator … Discover there is more to Bell than the Telephone.

To celebrate the National Geographic Society’s 125 anniversary, National Geographic Live! is kicking off its season with a play honoring one of the Society’s most recognizable names: Alexander Graham Bell.

Maya Calendar Explained, Modern Prophecy Revealed

An archaeologist explains what the Maya calendar really says about 2012, and shares other-worldly experiences from his adventures.

National Geographic Live with Photojournalist Ed Kashi

On April 17th, at 7:30 pm, a Washington-area audience will have an opportunity to get know these two sides of Ed Kashi – both the award-winning photojournalist who covers the world, and the intensely personal husband, father and man who longs for home.

National Geographic Live with Author Winston Groom

This coming Thursday, April 5, Washington-area history buffs will have the opportunity to mark the 150th anniversary of the pivotal Civil War battle of Shiloh a day early by listening to a talk by the distinguished novelist and historian Winston Groom, author of such books as Forrest Gump and Shrouds of Glory. Groom’s latest book Shiloh 1862, published last month by National Geographic Books, is the first major book on the Tennessee battle in fifteen years.

Geeking out with the Tech Wizards of National Geographic

On Saturday, March 24 at National Geographic’s Washington, DC Headquarters, Engineers Eric Berkenpas and Mike Sherpard will demonstrate many of National Geographic’s innovative tools that help capture images from high in the sky to deep in the ocean. Join us for Gadgets, Gizmos, and Gee Whiz!