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The Arctic Is Changing … Or Is It?

While the world is captivated by the environmental changes in the far north, the people who live there are eager for changes of another kind.

Beijing and the Bicycle

The great bicycle rush every day in Beijing is iconic and recognized all over the world, yet bicycle culture is slowly being run over by rising car ownership, literally and metaphorically.

July 7, 2013: Falling 1,000 Feet off The Andes, Saving The Great Barrier Reef, and More

Join National Geographic Weekend radio this week, as we survive a 1,000 foot fall from the Bolivian Andes, then we explore Mars with NASA’S Curiosity Rover, and finally, we team up with Afghanistan’s national cycling team to provide opportunity (and bikes) for women.

From Tradition to Modernity: Omani Women Artisans Document Their Changing Lives

Omagination: A journey from desert, coast, and island to see through the eyes of Omani women artisans Oman, on the easternmost edge of the Arabian Peninsula, has been a hub of overland and seafaring trade, for more than 5,000 years, and today’s artisanal production techniques are rooted in a rich history of cultural, political, and…

Whaler’s Week: Stories From a Whaling Lookout

NG Young Explorer Gemina Garland-Lewis shares stories from her last week in the field on the life of a whaling lookout as well as the festivities that continue to honor whalers.