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Is Your Salmon Small Because of Hungry Cavemen?

Stone Age fishermen in northern Spain selected the biggest whoppers, leaving us with a smaller catch, a new study claims.

Top 10 Headlines Today: Neanderthal-Human Language, Starfish’s Bizarre Eyes…

The top stories on National Geographic’s radar today: New research suggests Neanderthals and humans may have shared a common language, starfish apparently see the world with primitive eyes on their arms, and…

“Geno 2.0″ Can Reveal How Neanderthal You Are

The new edition of the Genographic Project analyzes more than 130,000 genetic markers to reveal secrets hidden in your genes, including how much of your DNA comes from Neanderthal ancestors.

Can this DNA test really tell how much Neanderthal is in you?

By Jeremy A. Kaplan ( In May scientists finished mapping the genes of the Neanderthal and determined that as much as 4 percent of those genes are in people today [Neanderthals, Humans Interbred–First Solid DNA Evidence]. Now one company has unveiled a test to determine just how much Neanderthal is inside you. Sort of. The…

Neanderthal Brain Size at Birth Sheds Light on Human Evolution

Three-dimensional computer-assisted reconstructions of Neanderthal infants based on fossils found in Russia and Syria (left) suggests that our closest human relatives had brains as large as ours at birth and larger than ours as adults. The finding indicates that we and the Neanderthals inherited the pattern of early brain size and development from a yet unknown…