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A Diversion of the Gila River Would be Wasteful, Harmful and a Big Mistake

By the end of the year, New Mexico must notify the U.S. Secretary of Interior whether it will pursue the construction of a diversion project on the Gila River in the southwestern corner of the state. New Mexico’s Interstate Stream Commission decided last week to recommend that the state pursue the diversion. But Governor Susana…

Gila River Diversion Would Be a Costly Failure

As the December deadline approaches for New Mexico to decide whether or not it will proceed with a controversial diversion of the Gila River, a former director of the state’s Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) testified on April 30 to the ISC that the proposed diversion would result in “a failed project that would produce little…

Finding of Rare Gartersnake Underscores Need to Protect New Mexico’s Gila River

Last month, after no confirmed sightings in nearly twenty years, scientists discovered three northern Mexican gartersnakes along a stretch of the Gila River in southwestern New Mexico. Until this find, scientists had suspected that the rare snake was extinct in the state. Northern Mexican gartnersnakes (Thamnophis eques) live in wetland areas alongside rivers, where they…