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Geography in the News: Polder Salvation

By Neal Lineback and Mandy Lineback Gritzner, Geography in the NewsTM Polder Salvation The effects of global warming and accompanying sea level rise are threatening many of the world’s lowland areas. Although most such lands do not have the resources to protect themselves, the polder regions of the Netherlands are examples of such efforts. Historically,…

March 24, 2014: Big Wave Crashes, Haitian Folk-Tunes, Babysitting Gorillas and More

Join radio host Boyd Matson every week for adventure, conservation and green science. This week they are held underwater until they blackout and are rescued, put Langston Hughes’ poetry to music, study bats in the living room, grow up with gorillas, survive a deadly Antarctic expedition, remind travelers to represent their nations, refuse to order bluefin tuna sushi, and create stronger laws to protect elephants.

Mardi Gras from Louisiana’s Cajun Country

About 150 miles away from the hustle and bustle of New Orleans’ biggest party of the year, there is another indigenous Mardi Gras celebration in Louisiana’s Cajun country.

January 26, 2014: Riding Rio Roosevelt’s Rapids, Sliding Headfirst at 90 MPH and More

Join radio host Boyd Matson and his guests as they paddle Class V rapids on the River of Doubt, hand cycle the length of the Americas, investigate deaths from common drugs, preserve lions’ disappearing prides, slide headfirst down an icy track at 90 miles per hour, and reconcile the future and the past in the Amazon Rainforest.

Geography in the News: Mardi Gras 2014

By Neal Lineback and Mandy Lineback Gritzner, Geography in the NewsTM Carnival Season Just Six Months Away Rio de Janeiro hosts one of the largest carnival celebrations in the world. Unfortunately, a huge fire swept through the Rio Carnival center in early February 2011, destroying thousands of costumes and floats. Three of the top 12…

High Rise Threatens Integrity of Ninth Ward Community

After Hurricane Katrina, the population of the New Orleans Ninth Ward was cut in half. The city wants to build a high rise to bring traffic back to the community. But residents oppose a superstructure in their backyard.

Secret to Closing a BioBlitz in New Orleans

How do you close a BioBlitz in the swamp outside New Orleans? For starters, you’re going to need a marching band…

New Orleans St. Joseph’s Day and its Magic Beans

Many of you know the story of St. Patrick’s Day and the shamrock, but what about St. Joseph’s and the fava bean?

True or False? 10 Mardi Gras Questions Answered

Not sure what to expect at Mardi Gras, from throws to parade etiquette to dress? Your Mardi Gras questions are answered here.

January 27, 2013: Staring Up At Sequoias, Climbing Rock with Ice Axes, and More

On this week’s episode of National Geographic Weekend radio show, we chat with the winner from Ouray, Colorado’s ice festival mixed climbing event, then we meet The President, General Grant and several other very tall trees with bigger names, and finally, we learn just how dangerous an amorous yak can be.

Mardi Gras Goes to the Dogs

Barkus is the best-known New Orleans Mardi Paws celebration.

The 12th Day of Christmas Marks the First Day of Mardi Gras

The holidays may be over. But, in New Orleans, the party has just begun!

Seven Years After the Storm, Katrina Tours Cause Controversy

While some residents accept these bus tours as part of the city’s new normal, others feel they exploit the disaster without giving back.

It’s All French to Me: The Woes of Matching New Orleans Maps to Spoken Directions

With French names and sometimes bizarre pronunciations, navigating the New Orleans Ninth Ward can be a little confusing to an outsider.

New Orleans Keeps the Faith in their Saints

Through losing streaks, Hurricane Katrina and a Super Bowl win, Saints fans always keep the faith.