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Hōkūle‘a: Return to Aotearoa

After almost six months since departing from Hawai‘i, Hōkūle’a and Hikianalia arrived in Aotearoa (New Zealand) to a Maori welcoming ceremony that was not only stunning to see, but historical as well.

The Genographic Project unveils the ancient ancestry of New Zealand, the world’s last settled islands

The Genographic Project results are in from 100 Kiwis (or New Zealanders). The results were revealed to an excited crowd of participants, which included New Zealand’s own Governor General Sir Jerry Mateparae. Background Earlier this year, a team from National Geographic’s Genographic Project was invited by the Allan Wilson Centre to North Island, New Zealand to shed…

July 6, 2014 Show: Whales vs. the United States Navy, and Visiting Every Country in the World

Traveling to every country in the world without flying. One man’s journey around the globe was punctuated by only a few stops in jail. And another man documents the fight in the United States Supreme Court between the Navy and whale conservationists who want to keep some parts of the oceans safe for the large marine mammals.

50th Anniversary of Rodent Eradications

In 2014 New Zealand celebrates 50 years of rodent eradications, following the confirmation of successful eradication of Norway rats from Maria Island in 1964 by the Forest and Bird Protection Society with assistance from Don Merton, and a grant of 5 pounds from the Wildlife Service. At that time only 0.5% of New Zealand’s islands…

Public-Private Partnership Island Eradication

The New Zealand Department of Conservation has partnered with the owners of Great Mercury Island (1872 ha) to eradicate pests from the island this winter. The successful eradication of these pests from the island will further protect the neighbouring smaller Mercury Islands. Two of these have always been free of introduced predators and the remaining…

April 13, 2014: Cutting Cake with Jane Goodall, Saving Sparrows with Photography and More

Every week, embark with host Boyd Matson on an exploration of the latest discoveries and interviews with some of the most fascinating people on the planet, on National Geographic Weekend. Please check listings near you to find the best way to listen to National Geographic Weekend on radio, or listen below! Hour 1 – Dr. Jane Goodall pioneered studies that sought to understand…

Tracing New Zealanders’ Genetic History

The Genographic Project team continues their expedition to New Zealand, tracing the journeys of some of the island’s most ancient and most recent populations.

A Ngāi Tāmanuhiri Greeting From Muriwai, New Zealand

Greetings are different all over the world. We shake hands and say “nice to meet you” or sometimes just a wave across the room is sufficient. The Ngāi Tāmanuhiri, a New Zealand iwi or Maori community located across the bay from Gisborne, perform a spiritual greeting called a powhiri that includes singing, dancing and a…

The Genographic Team Goes to New Zealand

Kia ora, or Hello from Gisborne, a small city on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Just west of the International date line, Gisborne claimed for years to be the first city in the world to see each new day’s sunrise, but for political reasons the title is now held by…

Mouse Invasion in New Zealand!

While we are working to clear Antipodes Island of mice, I recently learnt that one of New Zealand’s most important Nature Reserves, Maud Island, has been invaded by mice. Maud Island is a 318 hectare island in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds of the South Island of New Zealand. In late October 2013 biosecurity surveillance on…

Praying Mantises Falling Victim to Sex Cannibal

New Zealand’s male mantises have developed a fatal attraction for a cannibal invader whose females devour its mates after sex, scientists report.

How to Start a Subantarctic Expedition? With Quarantine

Nearly 100 years ago a shipwreck brought mice to the hard-to-reach Antipodes Islands just north of the Antarctic circle. Fast forward to today and the mice have devastated the island’s native species. National Geographic Grantee James Russell will embark on a four-week expedition, where the team will study the island’s natural resources to determine if…

New Zealand Longfin Eels: Freshwater Species of the Week

New Zealand’s large, slow-growing longfin eels (Anguilla dieffenbachia) are on a “slow path to extinction,” according to an April report by the parliamentary commissioner for the environment. The commissioner has now been joined by a number of scientists in calling for a ban on fishing of the eels, since their numbers have been declining in…

Pictures: Bizarre Eels, Fish Found off New Zealand

Eelpouts, rattails, and cusk eels were among the odd haul of species discovered during a recent expedition to the Kermadec Trench.

100% Pure? New Zealand’s Green Image Shows Cracks in Antarctic Fishing

New Zealand enjoys its green image, branding itself as “100% pure.” Yet when it was given an opportunity to make a truly bold move to protect a uniquely undisturbed marine ecosystem, it balked. Last month, the NZ cabinet rejected a proposed U.S.-NZ plan to turn a large swath of the Ross Sea, which is part…