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The 100-Year Storm

Watch a time lapse showing northern lights, an electric storm, bison and a sunrise, all in 72 hours on the American Prairie Reserve.

Solar Storm Heading for Earth May Spark Auroras This Weekend

A solar outburst promises weekend northern lights.

Sun Unleashes Monster Blast—Biggest in a Year

A powerful solar blast uncorked late Monday was the biggest one in a year, report space-weather officials.

January 12, 2014: Climbing Buildings, Hunting Poachers and More

Join host National Geographic Weekend host Boyd Matson and his guests as they climb the world’s tallest buildings, ski with the sport’s inventors, give new life to Christmas trees, seek sea life at the bottom of the ocean, discover the unicorn, protect rhinos by hunting for poachers, kayak blind through the Grand Canyon, prioritize protection plans for endangered species, and track the world’s underground water reserves.

Aurora Sky Show Hit and Miss

Hopes were high on Thursday night for skies painted with northern lights. But it was more of a hit or miss sky event, depending on where folks looked. Sky-watchers in the continental U.S., where these sky shows are seldom seen, were hoping to get a glimpse of the aurora borealis this week after the sun…

“North Country Dreamland” Shares Beauty of Lake Superior

I lived in Michigan as a child, and I spent many summer nights gazing at the dark sky. I also spent many happy hours making sand castles on the edges of the Great Lakes. In winter, I spent hours romping in the ample snow. Lisa Borre is also from Michigan originally, and she has been…

Top 10 Headlines Today: Mexico’s Ancient Human Sacrifice, Ant Family Trees…

On our radar today: Archaeologists suspect human sacrifice may have occurred at a temple in Mexico’s Valley of Oaxaca, ants have jobs like nurses, janitors, and foragers, and…

Solar Storm Heading Toward Earth

Skywatchers should be on alert for possible geomagnetic storms this week that may trigger colorful displays of auroras. Today on April 11th at 7:16 UT (3:16 am ET) a large, Earth- facing group of sunspots hurled a massive cloud of plasma and charged particles into space. Heading towards our planet at high speed, the Coronal…

Did You Hear the Northern Lights?

Next time you are lucky enough to witness an aurora borealis, you may want to also listen carefully for some faint applause. According to a new study announced this week, colorful displays of northern lights may actually produce audible clapping sounds. Finnish researcher Unto K. Laine from Aalto University has been studying the phenomenon for…

Night Sky News: Capturing Auroras

  On August 4th a large group of sunspots threw off a giant cloud of charged particles known as a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that headed towards Earth. Two days later a geomagnetic storm – the strongest in years- buffeted our planet’s magnetic field resulting in auroras visible down into mid latitude locations across the…