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New Seafood Label Law Posted in U.S. Congress

By Sean Dixon, Co-Founder, Village Fishmonger NYC Earlier this month, after the fall out taking place after conservation group Oceana’s latest seafood mislabeling report, Representative Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts) and five other Representatives introduced a bill in Congress to protect consumers, fishermen, and the public’s right to know (what they’re eating). According to the Oceana report,…

Labeling & Local Seafood

By Sean Dixon, Co-Founder, Village Fishmonger NYC Recently highlighted in a great Ocean Views post by Brian Howard, an Atlantic article, and the New York Times, a report by ocean advocacy organization Oceana once again exposed a fatal flaw in the U.S.’s seafood economy: mislabeling. Labels In the world of seafood, mislabeling generally means one…

Seafood Sustainability in the Restaurant Industry

By Dennis O’Connor | I recently sat down with Village Fishmonger’s resident fishmonger, Ben Smallman, to get his take on seafood and why he loves what he does.  He’s currently working as a tournant at Danny Meyer’s The Modern restaurant in Manhattan’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Village Fishmonger: Why do you like to work with…