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Interview With Seafood Watch Celebrity Chef Doug Katz

Dr. Jordan Schaul interviews Seafood Watch’s Celebrity Chef Doug Katz about the famed sustainable seafood program developed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBAQ) launched the renowned Seafood Watch program several years ago with the initial intent to help keep marine fisheries robust and healthy. The Aquarium reached out to seafood aficionados…

Asian Carp Reproducing Naturally in Great Lakes Tributary

Scientists have confirmed for the first time that a species of the dreaded Asian carp has reproduced naturally in a Great Lakes tributary. While not the variety of Asian carp experts fear will do the most harm in the Great Lakes region, the results have important implications for those concerned about the spread of this…

Voices of Planetwalk 2013: Liberation, Inspiration, and Really, Really, Tired Feet

National Geographic Explorer John Francis is currently leading an undergraduate group on a “Planetwalk” through rural U.S. states. Meanwhile his longtime collaborator Jon Waterhouse is on a somewhat similar mission in Alaska. Follow them both here on Explorers Journal. By Planetwalker Alexandra Branscombe Reaching the Ohio-Indiana border was like finishing a marathon, so naturally, Planetwalkers have…

October 28, 2012: Love in the Northwest Passage, Giant Predators in Prehistoric Australia, and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson as we sail a wooden yacht through the frozen Northwest Passage, dine with vultures in Turkey, discover life in an undersea desert in Gabon, remember the 18 fallen tigers in last year’s Zanesville, Ohio tragedy, dodge tree crocodiles and carnivorous kangaroos in prehistoric Australia, feed some birds and try not to get killed, paddle down Alaska’s Tanana River, and save macaws by making traditional headdresses (with synthetic feathers).

Cold Weather Puts Endangered Manatees in Hot Water

As biting cold weather stretches across the eastern United States into Florida, manatee conservationists will be concerned. Cold stress is one of the biggest killers of the endangered mammal. Cold weather means high numbers of manatees may be concentrated in warm-water refuges near power plants, rivers and springs throughout the state, the Florida Fish and Wildlife…