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September 7, 2014: Walking Through Conflict Zones, Driving 200 Miles Per Hour and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend radio, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they dodge whales and pirates on the Indian Ocean, track poachers in Africa, find lost societies in Orkney, shed light on glowing sharks, harmonize with melting ice in Antarctica, live underwater for 31 days, follow in the pawprints of a lone wolf for 1,200 miles, and rove across the red planet.

Explorer’s Analysis: Inside Key Issues of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

Palestinian and Israeli negotiators are back at the table for their first peace talks in years, to be mediated by United States Secretary of State John F. Kerry. Israeli settlement expansion in the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem halted attempts at peace talks in 2010, and continued expansion as well as the handling of existing…

Political Currents of Water Management: Challenges in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan

Posted by Kate Voss, UCCHM Water Policy Fellow. This is the fourth in a series of posts on our Water Diplomacy trip to Israel, Jordan, and Palestine inspired by our paper on ‘Groundwater Depletion in the Middle East.’ Other posts in the series: 1) Middle East Lost a Dead Sea Amount of Water in 7…

Ecological Healing in the ‘Holyland’

In this guest-article, Dr. Christopher S. Clarke of the Osprey Foundation describes their work in Palestine and Israel to address the most pressing environmental needs of communities impacted by growing inequality and access to resources, and how such an ecological approach might be a means of overcoming despair. The Middle East is a region where…

4 Costly Myths About World Heritage

As the 40th anniversary year of the World Heritage Convention draws to a close, many Americans remain oddly estranged from the program that could be proudly labelled “Made in the U.S.A.” That costs jobs.

A Pragmatic Way to Resolve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

  Six years ago, I received an invitation to participate in an event on peace-building in the Middle East at the University of California, Los Angeles. The seminar had been organized by a local lawyer, Josef Avesar, along with academics at UCLA to find a novel way to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The idea was…

Critical Role of Women in World Water Issues Is Missing, Advocates Say

News from the 5th World Water Forum: Finding water is usually the work of women and girls, according to Joke Muylwijk, executive director of the Gender Water Alliance, a network of more than a thousand people around the globe dedicated to equitable access to water resources and decision-making. “There are some women who spend their…