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Peace Eludes Islamic Enclaves of the Philippines: Could Responsible Resource Extraction be part of the Solution?

The brutal murder of Canadian mining executive John Ridsdel in the Philippines this week is yet another sobering reminder that Southeast Asia’s most literate country (over 95% literacy), with a population of over a hundred million has many challenges ahead. As a major election approaches, this tragedy will likely strengthen the case of hard-line politicians…

Local Eyes on the Reef in the Coral Triangle

In February 2016, scientists from World Wildlife Fund, the Wildlife Conservation Society, Conservation International and Universitas Papua developed a unique hands-on training in underwater science for local dive guides and students who live and work in the Raja Ampat Marine Protected Area Network. Together our goal was to empower local stakeholders with scientific knowledge and capacity to monitor their coral reefs.

Exciting Discoveries Continue on Mindanao

Ronald Clouse is back from the Philippines with harvestmen specimens—otherwise known as daddy-long-legs. Even after returning home, however, new discoveries and conservation initiatives continue in the Philippines among new, native enthusiasts.

The Coral Triangle: Amazon of the Oceans

Home to over three quarters of the world’s coral species, The Coral Triangle is the underwater equivalent of the Amazon. It encompasses an area half the size of the United States and harbours more marine species than anywhere else on the planet. From Borneo down to the edge of the South Pacific, the Coral Triangle has some of the most breathtaking underwater landscapes, but the majority are buckling under the pressures of overfishing, resource extraction and climate change. Text and Photos by iLCP Fellow James Morgan.

“Adorably Cute” Tiny Primate Discovery Illuminates Biodiversity of Philippines Island

Meet the Dinagat-Caraga tarsier, a distinctive evolutionary lineage of primate that has just been discovered from the southeastern Philippines by an international team of biologists working with the Philippine government’s Biodiversity Management Bureau. The discovery of the new genetic type of primate was funded in part by the National Geographic Committee for Research and Exploration.

New Specimens, Friends, Colleagues, and Insights

Ronald Clouse is travelling the Philippines in search of harvestmen—otherwise known as daddy-long-legs. As he prepares to return home, Ron wraps everything up and makes his farewells.

Rare Daddy-Long-Legs Rediscovered!

Ronald Clouse is travelling the Philippines in search of harvestmen—otherwise known as daddy-long-legs. His long quest is at an end; at last, the elusive cyphos harvestman has been caught!

Mud and Mystery on Mt. Apo

Ronald Clouse is travelling the Philippines in search of harvestmen—otherwise known as daddy-long-legs. He now climbs the treacherous Mt. Apo in search of rare species discovered there.

Bulusan, Bees, and Big Opis

Ronald Clouse is travelling the Philippines in search of harvestmen—otherwise known as daddy-long-legs. Here, he ascends Mt. Bulusan for a closer look into its dark underbrush.

What Are Harvestmen, a.k.a. Daddy-Long-Legs?

On his current expedition, Ronald Clouse ventures into the jungles of the Philippines to study harvestmen, or daddy-long-legs, of the order Opiliones. By collecting data for phylogenetic analysis, he hopes to learn more about the history of these creatures and the lands they inhabit. Our decision to leave Panay Island early in the hopes of…

Leaf-Litter Connoisseurs: Part Two (Searching for Harvestmen at Sibaliw Research Station)

Ronald Clouse wraps up his work at Sibaliw Research Station and prepares to travel to his next destination.

Leaf-Litter Connoisseurs: Part One

Ronald Clouse makes the climb through the jungle to Sibaliw Research Station and begins the hunt for harvestmen.

On the Hunt for Harvestmen

Join Ronald Clouse as he sets out into the jungles of the Philippines in search of harvestmen, or daddy-long-legs, of the order Opiliones and the geohistorical secrets they can reveal.

Typhoon Haiyan’s Impact Felt at United Nations Climate Change Conference in Warsaw

Conservation International’s Philippines program director shares a heartfelt and vivid account of the tragedy affecting his country in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.

What’s a Danajon Bank?

by Michael Ready, Associate Fellow at the International League of Conservation Photographers In April 2013, after four planes, a ferry, and two outriggers, I arrived at Handumon, a remote village and field station on Jandayan Island in the Philippines. As I lay down the first night under a mosquito net, wiped out and bit disoriented,…