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Relocation of the Last Colony of Endangered Barbary Apes on Display in a US Zoo?

The accredited Primate Rescue Center, a Kentucky wildlife sanctuary specializing in Old World primates, will soon care for a small troop of endangered naturally tailless Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus) from the Las Vegas Zoo. The four monkeys were once claimed by the troubled roadside Las Vegas Zoo (AKA Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park) to be the…

Phoenix Zoo’s Operation Oryx Celebrates 50 Years

The Phoenix Zoo may have been voted one of the top 5 zoos for kids, but it has also emerged as a powerhouse in a more sophisticated arena–that of science and conservation.  Located in the northeastern region of the Sonora Desert– in what is truly the hottest climate for a major US city– the Phoenix Zoo…

Phoenix Zoo marks restoration of 10,000th frog to the wild

Good news for a change for frogs: A consortium of conservation agencies and organizations recently celebrated the release into the Arizona wilderness of the 10,000th Chiricahua leopard frog reared at the Phoenix Zoo’s Conservation Center. The milestone was reached after many years of many people working hard to restore the native frog to habitat where it has…