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The Bottom Line: Rebuilding Plans Work for U.S. Fisheries

A congressional hearing today on the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act examined a new report from the National Academies on the law’s effectiveness in rebuilding depleted fish populations. As a member of the peer-review panel for the report, I can attest to the amount of work that went into this study, which clearly recognizes…

Plenty Of Fish In The Sea? It’s The Law!

By Carl Safina and Elizabeth Brown In the 1990’s many U.S. fisheries found themselves in crisis. The fish they relied on were deeply depleted from decades of getting caught faster than they could reproduce. After years of bitter argument and concerted conservation-group efforts, Congress in 1996 passed a sweeping set of amendments to the federal…

Community Supported Fisheries Can Jump-start Coastal Economy After Hurricane Sandy

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, local food networks, including local fisheries, need your help.  Last week, we spread the word about funding disaster relief efforts for fisheries and fishery-related businesses. Now, with more news from the coastal zone trickling out, there’s more that consumers can do. Shellfish Village Fishmonger NYC works with fishermen in…